From building the technology platform that fuels our customers’ shopping experience, to creating the backbone for the business in the form of a robust Supply Chain Management system, engineering teams at Myntra Jabong form the powerhouse for the organization. Apart from these, the Innovation Labs, the Data Sciences and Growth hack teams consistently work towards building the business for tomorrow, by providing innovative products and solution for better customer experience and also to keep Myntra Jabong ahead of the market curve
Our Product Management team helps us to develop best in class products that are oriented to our target markets. They use extensive consumer insights to design the best eCommerce interface that guides you through your purchasing process without a glitch or hassle. Design influences every product decision at Myntra.
The UX Design team works closely with Product Managers and Engineers in solving complex problems while crafting a delightful experience for millions of users. The cross-disciplinary team designs the shopping experience on mobile and web as well as works on supply-chain-management and data tools.

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Associate Principal Engineer - Information Security (Application security)

Associate Principal Engineer - Network (PIM/PAM)

Senior manager - Information Security (Application Security)

Senior Manager - Information Security (Incident response and threat hunting)

Senior System Engineer - Network (Compute - Security operation)

Senior System Engineer - Network(Developer - IAM)

Senior System Engineer - Network (Network - Sec ops)

Senior Data Analyst


Architect - Supply Chain Management

Associate Architect (Sys Ops)

Associate Director - Engineering (Pretr team - Mumbai)

Director of Engineering_Backend_Storefront

Engineering Manager - Platforms/Systems Engineering

Principal Architect_Data Platform

Senior Engineering Manager_Frontend_Supply Chain Management (Outbound)

Senior Manager Engineering_Backend_Storefront

Senior Software Engineer_Backend _Analytics

Senior Software Engineer - Backend - Supply Chain Management (In Bound)

Senior Software Engineer - Frontend - Supply Chain Management (Outbound)

Senior Software Engineer_Platform Engineering

Senior Software Enginee _SysOps

Technical Lead_Backend_Storefront

Technical Lead_Backend_Supply Chain Management (Inbound)

Technical Lead - Security / Systems Engineering