Associate - Curation


Trends Forecasting and performance:
o Identify key fashion trends through online & offline research
o Create fashion forecast trend decks that will resonate with Myntra and its customers –
and at the same time align with our vision in the next 8-10 months
o Identify fast fashion trends through market/consumer research & provide CM’s with
relevant information
o Be able to conduct and communicate the market research insights in simplistic and clear
action oriented fashion to CM’s
o Should be able to translate trends into something customers at Myntra can relate to

? Filling Gaps and Making SMU Lines:
o Be able to evaluate vendors who can be capable of fulfilling these trends
o Create product development decks for focused article types – in a way that CMs and
vendors can understand and relate to
o Competition mapping & Market research to provide inputs for categories and vendors
highlighting catalog gaps
o Identify monthly best sellers & slow performers for key articles to be shared with CM’s

? Catalogue:
o Understand cataloging needs for different kinds of products standing true to their brand
o Identify cataloging errors and highlight the same
o Be able to work with teams to get data errors corrected
o Map catalogue & identify missing trends
o Identify available trends in existing catalog

? Central Projects:

Research on the various central gaps like plus size, fast fashion, sustainability and come
up with ideas which to implement the same on Myntra. Building selection for the same would be the key