Deputy Director — Design/Graphic (Kook n Keech)


Deputy Director — Design/Graphic (Kook and Keech)

Minimum 10+ years work experience in Men’s graphics/streetwear and global fashion trends

About Team

A young team of enthusiastic and passionate designers supported with sourcing and buying functions: all working towards the common goal of making Myntra’s Streetwear brand a commercial success that is high on trend, visual appeal and yet commercial in its fashion proposition.

Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Lead and Manage the entire Design vertical of a streetwear brand, directing the streetwear product portfolio and the design team to the next level by:
  • Product leadership: Drive New ideas in Youth: Men’s graphics, Men’s street fashion, Women’s trends, Teens Fashion & trends.
  • Creative Leadership: New ideas for Concepts, Art direction for marketing, Campaign/photoshoot and it’s management, brand online catalogue representation, create quick and compelling visual software presentations
  • Operational Leadership: Direct the team to Effectively manage all creative and parallel timelines of the brand with compelling results.
  • Multitasking Leadership: Manage tight timelines and multiple sporadic creative asks in an organised way with clear vision and a will to get things done. Inspire , plan and guide the team to navigate the challenges and achieve impactful results.
  • Design team Creative Leadership: Lead the Design team to new visions to achieve trend impactful achievements, drive new original ideas, trends, concepts, storytelling and global trends through the brand
  • Managerial leadership: Direct and lead the Design team of the brand to new visions, challenges delegate efficiently and guide them in their growth and evolution
  • Business Leadership: Thorough understanding of the online market, customer sentiments, business workings and opportunities from the POV of fashion and work proactively to make the brand’s streetwear proposition a commercial success.
  • Openness to learning and Quick Leaner: Build quick understanding of the online world and the brand: Scope of brand, opportunities in business, scope in fashion expansion and drive proactive results.
  • Responsible & sincere: Ability to work independently with little supervision and followup, ensuring all brand, creative and company asks are planned, followed through and fulfilled with utmost excellence.
  1. Supervise and mentor the Design vertical of a Kidswear brand to further evolution
  2. Minimum 10+ years work experience in Men’s graphics/streetwear and global fashion trends.
  3. Very strong visual storyteller/ communicator: Hands on experience in creating compelling online presentations, art direction, layouts. Experience in video and animation, any other design software is a bonus.
  4. Strong t-shirt graphic background with heightened awareness of global graphic trends
  5. An end-to-end brand designer with knowledge and experience in multiple categories to lead a diverse portfolio of men’s graphics to women’s fashion 
  6. Experience in Women’s fashion/trends and Youth/ streetwear
  7. Keen interest, passion and eye in Youth fashion and global streetwear trends
  8. Organized Multitasker who can work under tight timelines and lead parallel verticals of managing the entire product portfolio and creative asks of online PVT brand.
  9. Experience in managing people in a team 
  10. Strong and salient verbal communication skills
  11. Proactive, Enthusiastic & Eager to create a legacy and drive results.