Senior Data Scientist


Myntra Data Science team delivers a large number of data science solutions for the company which are deployed at various customer touch points every quarter. The models create significant revenue and customer experience impact. The models involve real-time, near-real-time and offline solutions with varying latency requirements. The models are built using massive datasets. You will have the opportunity to be part of a rapidly growing organization and gain exposure to all the parts of a comprehensive ecommerce platform. You’ll also get to learn the intricacies of building models that serve millions of requests per second at sub second latency.


As a candidate, you should hold a postgraduate degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Operations Research or Mathematics from reputed institutions. Publications are preferred but not mandatory. Following is the summary of the job expectations:


  1. Theory and practice of machine learning.
  2. Good exposure and command in one or more of the topics, such as Information Retrieval, NLP, Computer Vision, Recommender Systems or Search. 
  3. Good understanding of  data structures, algorithms, coding, python libraries, compute infrastructure, and efficient processing of large datasets.
  4. Well versed with Python ( Java - optional)
  5. 2-4 years of experience
  6. Evidence of solving and deploying solutions for data science problems in industry
  7. Demonstrable depth and width of problem solving
  8. Ability to abstract out theoretical concepts
  9. Not expected to manage stakeholder interaction but should have some history of interacting with stakeholders such as product, engineering, business and system operations teams.