Senior Manager - CC - Quality


Myntra is India’s leading e commerce company committed to making fashion and lifestyle products
accessible to everyone. We are a company that is constantly evolving into newer and better forms and we
look for people who are ready to evolve with us. From our beginnings as a customization company in 2007,
to being technology and fashion pioneers today, Myntra is going places and we want you to take this
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Role Summary:
Myntra Customer Service Operations is looking for a Quality Sr Manager in Bangalore. In this role you will Head
the Quality charter for Myntra contact center (Partner & in house). The r ole is very challenging & exciting and
would require a great deal of strategy and collaboration wit h stakeholders and partners.
The role would require Subject Matter Expertise in managing the below

Areas Scope Description : 

Inbound Contact Centre Voice and Non-Voice: Phone, Chat, Email

Outbound Contact Centre Call Me Back 


Back end operation Back end complaint closure 

Escalation desk Mange L2 complaints  

New Age/ Digital Website or mobile app-based self-care, BOTs (voice, non-voice) 

CRM simplification and efficacy improvement projects, routine  

change management scoping, CC solutions evaluation, conduct user  


acceptance testing and successful production movement 

Knowledge Management Portal, Learning Management Portal, Micro  

learning Training Portal, Business Intelligence systems (SQL, BI tools  

Support Systems 

etc.) Content developmental tools 


MIS, RTM, Training, Quality, Knowledge Management, SCM,  

holder Support Areas 

category, IT, Catalog, Partner Management  

  1. Quality Sr Manger: This role requires the individual to work with partner and in-house team to drive the interaction quality strategy for contact center teams. The candidate needs to have the ability to deep dive to root cause and develop actions to drive agent and process Improvement. The candidate needs to create plans, review the design and deploy solutions with an ability to quantify results and share qualitative insights and collaborate with operations teams to ensure a better quality of interaction. The progress  needs to be reported and quantify the impact to understand and share its effectiveness that impact our  customers and partners 
  2. Team: This role requires one to play a significant role in the development of a successful and effective team. Shapes the direction of the team and keeps them focused and motivated to deliver the right results 3. Partner Management: Work closely with the partner team and adopts the right audit, governance process. Mentors Partner teams to perform and deliver the right performance Have a robust review system for the  partner  

4. Stakeholder management: This role is expected to have a high degree of cross-functional stakeholder  engagement across business teams, program/product teams and cross functional teams to benchmark best  practices.

Key Role Objectives and Result Areas: 

  1. Deliver best in class interaction quality across channels  

 Key Result Areas: Quality score/accuracy/task accuracy 

  1. Interaction Quality Score  

Key Result Areas: ISAT scores 

  1. Improve hygiene of the process by creating a governance model 

Key Result Areas: Training Efficiency-Quality and AHT/Productivity, Hygiene metrics 

  1. Manage Critical talent attrition and engagement 

 Key Result Areas: Attrition, Survey scores from team  

  1. Bottom quartile improvement  

Key Result Areas: 75% of BQ bucket meeting target








A graduate in any discipline 

Customer Service Experience 

Quality Experience



Technical skills 

Quality Audit framework, sampling  

Gage R&R 

Intermediate business analysis skills 

Proficient in MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) 7 Basic Quality Tools 

Lean Six sigma Green belt- certified 

Project Management Skills Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt 

COPC Certified on quality or  HPMT 



Professional skills 

Excellent communication (Verbal & Written) Proficient with key service delivery metrics – Contact center 

Quality delivery expertise. Managed a training  team of 10 or more QA’s 

Stakeholder Management(Internal & External)

Partner Management


Previous role related experience 

Min. 10 years of overall work experience with at  least 5 years of relevant experience 

Quality delivery experience for voice process 

People Manager

5-6 years within Ecommerce  Industry 

Domestic BPO Partner  

Management experience

Principal Accountabilities & Responsibilities


Responsible” The Doer” - The individual(s) who actually does the job. The degree of  responsibility is defined by the accountable person. Responsibilities can be shared. 


Accountable “The Buck Stops Here” - The individual who is ultimately accountable - their neck is on the line if the job isn’t done! They have the power of veto. Only one ‘A’  can be assigned to an activity or decision. They can delegate the ‘R’ (or choose to do  them) 


Consulted “In the Loop” - The individual(s) who need to be consulted prior to a final  decision or action being taken. This is TWO-WAY communication. Consulted may not  have a direct part in the task but is impacted by its completion. Their input may be  necessary. 


Informed “Keep in the Picture” - The individual(s) who need to be informed after a  decision or action is taken. This is ONE-WAY communication. Input from the informed  party is not necessary - but they will need to know. They may be required to take action  as a result of the outcome.

Key Tasks and Deliverables (But Not Limited To)

Training Deliver


Quality Audit sampling and target for inhouse and partner

Quality score improvement, RCA and deepdive , Action plans


Interaction satisfaction score improvement RCA, Deepdive and action  plans

CES RCA, Deep dive and action plans

Myntra Quality SOP compliance

Partner compliance and hygiene 


Identify process gaps and close loop

Manage team performance and KRA


Build reports & Data cuts


Review partner performance and build corrective actions 


Provide TNI and collaborate with training team on improvement of BQ


Dipchecks on process change, updates, new batches


Review Content for Error reductions & Performance improvement


Collect feedback regularly on team and processes from all stakeholders

Other Responsibilities



SPOC –Stakeholder discussions, Escalations, Process improvement &  Implementations


Raising proactive/Reactive flags on any breakages that might impact  Customer experience/CC Volume


Call Listening activity to identify process gaps and area of opportunities  and build/execute action plans