Manager - CC - Quality


1. Quality Manger: This role requires the individual to drive the interaction quality strategy for frontline teams
working alongside with the partner ecosystem. The candidate needs to have the ability to deep dive to root
cause and develop actions to drive agent and process Improvements.
2. Team: This role requires one to play a significant role in the development of a successful and effective team.
Shapes the direction of the team and keeps them focused and motivated to deliver the right results
3. Partner Management: Work closely with the partner team and adopts the right audit, governance process.
Mentors Partner teams to perform and deliver the right performance
4. Stakeholder management: This role is expected to have a high degree of cross-functional stakeholder
engagement across business teams, program/product teams and cross functional teams to benchmark best

Key Role Objectives and Result Areas:
1. Deliver best in class interaction quality across frontline channels
Key Result Areas: Interaction quality score, Interaction satisfaction
2. Customer effort scoreKey Result Areas: CES Score
3. Improve hygiene of the process by creating a governance models
Key Result Areas: Training efficiency-Quality and AHT/Productivity, Hygiene metrics
4. Manage Critical talent attrition and engagement
Key Result Areas: Attrition, Survey scores from team
5. Bottom quartile improvement
Key Result Areas: 75% of BQ bucket meeting target