Senior Manager - Creative Direction



Role & Responsibilities



Design Creatives for Home Page Events

- Build a unique identity in terms of creative storytelling that captures the latest trends in the world of content creation & fashion .

 - Envision unique customer experiences through differentiated story telling, brand and offers wrt creatives. 

- Elevated visual communication with a 'customer first' mindset.


- Creative Innovation from event to event basis which has worked with a carefully analysed scope for innovation.


Design for Performance Marketing & CRM Charters

- Ensure innovations in bringing more revenue through best Performance targeted design practices. 

- Establish a strong identity for MMC creatives.


- Ensure User delight & brand love metrics are always high.

- Improve Conversion rates
- Improve Revenue through better CTRs


Design for Customer Insider 

-Enhance design language of  loyalty programme; ‘Myntra Insider’ targeting to boost engagement and traffic on its website and mobile application.

-Design focus to attract new users to engage and indulge with the brand and grow in their journeys to become brand Icons


Team Management

- Build an enthusiastic team that will drive unique & updated storytelling across different platforms

- Ensure the pulse of the team is always positive.

- Bring improvisations in teams creative thinking and execution 

- Ensure the Myntra-culture is valued and followed in every aspect.


Exp : 7-9 years , should have good experience in handling events & creatives.

Personal Skills : Exceptional graphic and aesthetic skills wrt creative design, enthusiastic, problem solving, good managerial and communication skills, should be able to manage different projects and people.