Manager - Category Management


Roles & Responsibilities
Role: Product Design & Development, Range & Portfolio Selection, Inventory/OTB & Vendor management. Manage Stakeholders across FK and MY – Design, Sourcing, Category Teams – Buy Side & MP, Marketing Teams, IB Team, Bizfin, Operations & Quality teams

Range and Portfolio Selection
? Liaise with the sourcing team to ensure production timelines are met as per the agreed timelines
? Liaise with the buy team to ensure proper product portfolio availability on the Flipkart platform
? Kick-start and manage VPL brands – Kidotsav and Billion through market place vendor management
Product Design & Development
? Liaise in Market research, product understanding etc in the Product research phase of Design
? Work with Sourcing team to ensure samples are made available for Range presentation
? Liaise with category and Sourcing team in new product selection/identifications
? Work with Quality to ensure product quality adherence from vendors (both Alpha and MP) is constantly tracked and maintained.
Inventory & Vendor management
? Work with Sourcing and Ops and ensure stocks are always available and inwarded seamlessly basis planned OTB/DP and DOH
? Work with Ops to solve vendor issues – onboarding, inwarding, VPL and payment related issues
? Close exclusive partnerships with critical vendors (both alpha and MP)

Qualifications & Experience
? Years of Experience 5 years +.
? Preferably a post graduate degree with Masters in Business Administration from Tier-1 colleges