Lead - UX Designer


We’re Myntra Design! 

Myntra is India’s leading e-commerce company committed to making fashion and  lifestyle products accessible to everyone. We create solutions that disrupt the ordinary  and help make the world a happier, more fashionable place.  

We are a company that is constantly evolving into newer and better forms and we look for  people who are ready to evolve with us. From our beginnings as a customization company  in 2007 to being technology and fashion pioneers today, Myntra is going places and we  want you to take this journey with us. 

Our Culture 

As self-driven, motivated individuals who believe in taking ownership instead of  being handed responsibility, we are a curiously non-hierarchical team who believe in  working as a whole to take the Organization forward.  

Firm believers of meritocracy, we encourage you to take on tasks and readily empower you  with the right tools, space, and opportunities. In essence, work at Myntra is challenging but  fun - we believe in equal opportunity, encourage intellectual curiosity and empower you to  be the change. 

If you’re just as passionate about fashion and would love a workplace that is purely  result-driven, Myntra is the place for you! 

What We Look for 

The ideal candidate should demonstrate the ability to work with stakeholders to discover  effective workflows, generate clean and artful design elements, and transform them into  intuitive and functional interfaces with focus on accessibility and user centred design  while bringing passion, empathy and expertise to every engagement. 

A Day at Myntra and Expectations from you


Upholding CXD process,  collaborating with  

product management  and engineering to define  and implement  

innovative solutions. 


Demonstrating attention  to detail and  

problem-solving skills  along with paying careful  attention to staying  on-brand. 


Creating wireframes,  storyboards, user flows,  and process flows to  effectively communicate  interaction, design ideas  and building application  UI toolkits. 


Presenting and  

articulating designs and  key milestone deliverables  to peers and executive  level stakeholders. 


Conceptualizing original  ideas that bring  

simplicity and user  friendliness to complex  design roadblocks. 

Minimum Qualifications 

  • A well-curated online and/or print portfolio/case study demonstrating  UX/UI design skills, curiosity, positive attitude and strong drive to learn  from a fast paced environment. 
  • Proven UX/UI design experience for multiple platforms including  desktop, mobile, tablet. 
  • Excellent visual design skills with sensitivity to user-system interaction.  Additionally experience in data informed and customer centric approach to  design is key. 
  • Expertise in creating wireframes, prototype, storyboards, user flows, and  process flows. 
  • Expertise in simplifying complex information through end-to-end  experiences designs while co-creating with all the senior designers for  smooth implementation. 
  • Up-to-date with the latest UI trends, rools, and technologies and their role  in a commercial environment 
  • 7-10 years of relevant experience with a B. DeS/M. DeS in Visual Design,  Human-Computer Interaction, Interaction Design, or related is an advantage.  
  • General understanding of the front-end development process, including  HTML and CSS.  
  • Ability to speak fluent English is a must. Demonstrable proficiency in  presenting your designs and selling your solutions to various stakeholders  through clear communication is key.

Want to Join Us? 

There's infectious energy at Myntra Design. We believe that our passion for our craft  and desire to strive for work/life harmony are what set us apart. This is reflected in  our core values.  

We never stop asking why, never stop improving, and never back down when facing  tough challenges – even if that means changing. Our shared values are clearly  articulated and explained above, but in the end, it's our actions—not our  words—that truly set Myntra Design apart. 

Apply with us and you will have a chance to learn, grow and touch billions of lives.  Cheers! 

Good Luck!  

And we are eager to see you soon.