Senior Manager - Category Management


VPL Seller Operations

Brief Description

  1. Assist & Onboard strategic sellers for partnering with HOB, specifically for MFB brands
  2. Track and maintain key business, operations & quality metrics for all sellers
  3. Continuous monitoring of Key metrics to drive better performance
  4. Key SPOC for all seller related queries & concerns with regard to HOB-MFB
  5. Drive in offers participation from sellers for styles listed under HOB brands for all major events.
  6. Responsible for MFB’s Monthly DP and Annual AOP planning and execution (D-20), Platform Merchandising & Marketing.
  7. Responsible for sharing event related information on timely basis with the Seller Team.
  8. Manage Stakeholders across FK and MY – Design, Category Teams – Sell Side & Ops, Bizfin and Marketing Teams.
  9. Compile reports for License brands every month with Net sales and
  10. Be the point of contact for following up on All OPerations and Finance queries for MFB & License brands
  11. Work on all Sell side reports post events to ensure that all the key properties are covered.


Description of Roles and Responsibilities

Stakeholder management

  • Liaise with the Myntra Seller team and provide inputs on: Prev month performance + Seller tracking
  • Set a roadmap for event performance for MFB brands and FFO brands.

Monthly DP and Annual AOP planning and execution

  • Work with category teams to create, execute an AOP and monthly DPs
  • Develop clear plans on achieving BAU and Event numbers across a month and year and track its progress
  • Track key metrics against planned numbers
  • Plan for MG / Royalty reports for all licenses


  • Liaise with Marketing and Sell side teams across FFO, FK to maximize visibility for MFB brands
  • Work with teams to understand traffic sources for our products and work to garner a higher share across every month and event.
  • Launch plan and SOPs to be laid out for every launch with clear objectives laid out to all stakeholders with timelines. (Mktg plan, visibility plan, catalog benchmarking and FPS guidelines, launch volume estimations and approvals from all stakeholders)
  • Understand the customer to develop and finetune our offerings (both product and price)
  • Work with teams and develop unique offers for our portfolio to increase salience


  • Measure the impact of PLAs
  • Measure Seller performance from Seller Dashboards
  • Measure seller performance metrics that drive overall Seller rankings
  • Measure the impact of Opt ins on Visiblity and Units
  • Measure Event vs BAU performance
  • Create a format for a monthly performance dashboard and share periodically with all stakeholders.