Partner Consultant - Image Editor


About the Team:

Cataloging is critical in enabling online shopping, where digital versions of the products are created to show customers what the products looks and feels like. We use right mix of imagery, text and videos to accurately depict product details and help customer make the right decisions. We use some of the best quality imaging equipment out there, we leverage advanced AI-led image processing and NLP based tools to deliver high quality content to our customers. 

We catalog 400+ different types of products on a daily basis. We have created a huge index of 9000+ attributes to describe products, and populate varied set of filters, thereby helping customers find the right products out of lakhs of listings. Most recently, we have begun experimenting with videos and are creating thousands of videos to help customers in their purchase decisions. Videos enable us to show product details in many ways simply not possible to cover through imagery or product descriptions and enable us to deliver an “offline” experience to our consumers.

Roles and Responsibilities


Enhance raw images in order to make them appealing yet true to the original product the article goes live on website & app 


  • Check lighting of imagery
  • Check images - ensure that the exact color of the article type is captured
  • Fit images within the prescribed gridlines
  • Check overall image for hygiene factors - e.g. dirt on background, etc
  • Provide support in the studio in selecting final raw images and update necessary trackers  

Qualifications & Experience  


Behavioral Competencies:  

  • Willingness to stretch
  • Should be a team player
  • Adherence to timelines
  • Should be Flexible with timings

Functional Competencies:  

  • Proficient in image editing tools such as Photoshop - should be comfortable in using shortcuts  
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to work on high targets and data
  • Eye for details