Associate- Image Editing (Project Boost)


• Quality report calculation and management of editing teams
• Tracking month-on-month progress/dip and identifying issues/training needs
• Identify problems in the editing process, hampering issues and collaborating with VQC to correct the same
• There should be 2% incremental improvement in the FTP for the allocated Team.
• Conduct FTP meetings along with VQC’s and provide feedback to the team.
• FTP for OS, Ensuring all OS vendors are aware of editing techniques and expectations and FTP is>97%
• Training and developing of all OS vendors to align with our editing standards
• Track the overall outflow & Inflow and manage the Image Receiving TAT within the agreed Levels.
• Improvising on current guidelines and reducing colour correction return.
• Taking up projects to improve imagery and imagery related issues/processes, and improving productivity
• Proactive in suggesting changes and highlighting issues and coming up with solutions: Actual impact of projects
• Understands the BU and align priorities for his/her team, and how own role impacts the team’s goals and outcomes.
• Mentoring editing team on new benchmarks.
• Train and monitor low performing editors.
• Coordinate with VQCs & other stakeholders on quality check of editing.