Senior Software Engineer_Platform Engineering


Senior Software Engineer - Build and Release Engineering

Myntra’s Engineering team builds the technology platform that empowers our customers’ shopping experience and enables the smooth flow of products from suppliers to our customers’ doorsteps. We work on areas such as building massive-scale web-applications, engaging user-interfaces, big-data analytics, mobile apps, workflow systems, inventory management etc. We are a technology team where each individual has a huge impact. You will have the opportunity to be part of a rapidly growing organization and gain exposure to all the parts of a comprehensive e-commerce platform.

You will be a part of the Build and Release Engineering team

Myntra's Build and Release Engineering (BRE) team develops and manages the CI/CD platform on which all developers build and deploy their services to test and production environments. This team provides developers with self-served and mutually exclusive test environments for multiple programs to be run and released in parallel using cloud-native applications like Kubernetes, CoreDNS, KubeD, Rancher and K3S. This team manages the CI infrastructure which runs CI pipelines triggered by pull requests on Kubernetes using an in-house workflow management tool. Continuous Delivery (CD) abstractions are also developed and managed by this team in order to facilitate deployments into the production infrastructure. The BRE team is the focal point for all the activities of a developer once code has been written and thus plays a pivotal role in the SDLC at Myntra. New age languages like Golang and ReactJs form the core of the applications developed by this team.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Write maintainable/scalable/efficient code.
  • Design and architect technical solutions for the developer community at Myntra
  • Work in a cross-functional team, collaborating with peers during entire SDLC.
  • Follow coding standards, code reviews etc.
  • Follow scrum sprint cycles and commitment to deadlines.
Desired Skills and Experience:
  • 2+ years Experience experience in very large-scale applications
  • Strong problem-solving skills.
  • Experience with distributed systems handling a large amount of data.
  • Good coding skills in Golang and/or ReactJs.
  • Good understanding of Web Technologies
  • Good understanding of NoSQL and messaging systems