Senior Architect - SCM


You will be a part of: Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply Chain Management systems form the backbone of our core business and customer experience. Any business runs on a simple construct of Demand (Consumer) and Supply (Producer). However, a set of complex and intricate methods, processes and systems connect the demand with supply in a deterministic and predictable way. These methods, processes and systems collectively form the Supply Chain for the business.

The multi-billion-dollar Myntra-Jabong business fundamentally rests on a set of highly scalable, robust and intelligent Supply Chain Management systems that solve real world problems of predicting the demand from millions of our customers, for a combination of millions of products from our product catalog, and intelligently connecting that demand to thousands of national and international sellers or suppliers using a set of advanced homegrown tech products that we build and manage. SCM engineering employs new-age technologies such as Distributed Computing constructs, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence; scalable data stores in Mongo, Redis, Cassandra, MySQL, Elastic Search, Solr; scalable programming constructs in Node.js, GoLang, Java; JavaScript, Python, and new age frameworks such as ReactJS and ReactNative to solve some of the hardest problems in the e-commerce business with world-class software products.

The SCM engineering at Myntra-Jabong operates within two distinct verticals: Supply-chain Outbound (Fulfilment systems) & Supply-chain Inbound (Selection systems, Partner experience).

Your Responsibilities

  • Own the architecture of Myntra’s SCM product platforms to drive business results. 
  • Be a visible leader to drive and own the architecture and design of some of the most advanced & complex software systems / products in the industry to create company wide impact
  • Help build, mentor and coach a team of very talented Engineers, architects, Quality engineers, System Operation Engineers and DevOps engineers in architectural and design best practices
  • Be an operational and technical leader with a passion for distributed systems, cloud service development, deployment and delivery. Accountable for the design, for the ease of evolution, quality of the systems, performance, scaling, and availability characteristics and limitations of the systems. Should be willing to spend time actively developing parts of the systems.
  • Envision and develop the long-term architectural direction, with emphasis on platforms/ reusable components while adopting a nimble delivery process. Establish structures and processes that ensure a high level of quality and reliability and extensibility of deliverables 
  • Drive the creation of next generation platforms, security protocols, customisation and tools to support continuous scaling
  • Drives code and design reviews of components / systems / products in scope and drives the architectural governance for them
  • Set directional paths for the teams/department for adoption of new technology stacks for solving business problems
  • Be a very visible representative of multiple technology domains and represent Myntra in external technical forums
  • Work with product management, business stakeholders and other engineering leaders to help define mid-term, long-term roadmaps and shape business directions
  • Initiate and deliver leadership training within the engineering organisation, including training new managers, and drive the growth of leaders to create a strong leadership bench.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • A solid engineer at heart with excellent abstraction, coding and system design skills
  • A proven track record of leading the architecture and delivery in an e-commerce ecosystem within a high growth & matrix environment
  • Successfully architected and led technology for enterprise or supply chain products in the global market along with being an efficient proficient problem-solver who envisions business and technical perspectives to develop workable solutions.
  • Must have exposure to leading product development end-end ( portfolio to delivery, re-architectures)
  • Strong hands-on technology experience building and running large scale systems handling multi-million sessions/transactions per day. 
  • Solid experience in large scale Database systems like rdbms & NoSQL stores
  • Strong design/development experience in building massively large scale distributed internet systems and products.
  • Excellent programming skills in Java/GO and expertise in multi-threading and performance oriented programming.
  • Solid experience in Distributed systems, highly scalable products, performance & reliability. 
  • Excellent understanding of processing platforms and queues. 
  • Experience and knowledge of open source software, frameworks and broader cutting edge technologies around server side development 
  • Must have a degree in Computer Science or related field.  Strong understanding of object-oriented programming, concurrency and fundamentals of computer-science.
  • 15-18 years of experience in software product development.